Comment 82 for bug 164526

I came across the same problem with a missing cursor in an ajax/tabbed pages situation (FF 1.5 and 2.0). I am using overflow:auto, but the problem seemed to stem more from an absolutely positioned div within another absolutely positioned div. Here is a simplified example using inline styles where I experienced the problem and my fix below.

<div style="position:absolute;">
 <div id="p1" style="position:absolute;overflow:auto;">form</div>
 <div id="p2" style="position:absolute;overflow:auto;">form</div>

My fix was to change p1 and p2 to position:relative and add display:none. Then in javascript, set just the selected page to display:block and the page being unselected to display:none.

This probably won't fix everyone's problem, but I hope it helps a few people until FF 3.0 is released.