Comment 16 for bug 389176

People are certainly against this "feature" but I think this stems mostly from not trying it.

So here's what I propose: letting the user choose via a dialog that appears on double click which reads something along: "You double clicked an archive, what do you want to do with it?" and two buttons "View contents", "Extract contents". A checkbox should be present as well, above the buttons, reading "Remember my choice".

This way people can keep their habitual ways of handling archives and the lazy ones can easily work with their archive files.

Regarding the security risk, I must add that if the destination folder exists under no circumstances should file-roller overwrite it. If the user is trying to extract the file and the Archive already exists on disk, file-roller should create a new directory named Archive 2. If that folder already exists it should progress with the numerical suffix until there is an available path (Archive 3, Archive 4, etc.)