Comment 4 for bug 1133663

Ernie 07 (ernestboyd) wrote :

This BUG manifests in 12.10, 13.04 and 13.10 but NOT in 12.04 Apparently this functionality is either considered perfect and/or not important enough to warrant QA regression testing.

When a non-empty directory gets extracted, its datetime stamp is immediately restored but recursive extraction of its content (files, folders, etc) will update that directory's datetime stamp with the time of extraction. In 12.04, the datetime stamp restoration was delayed until after all content had been extracted.

Until it gets fixed upstream (2013 perhaps), the following CLI command will allow proper extraction of a tar.bz2 archive:

tar --delay -xvf tar-archive-name

tar -xvf tar-archive-name MAY yield unpredictable results

My eyes have trouble seeing the double hypen in "--dash" as I type this, so I will refer to them as "hyphen hyphen".

"hypen hypen" delay is an acceptable abbreviation of the option "hypen hyphen" delay-directory-restore