Comment 434 for bug 351186

Daniel Castro (castromd) wrote :

Hey dvhart,

I also have applied launchpad-weyland's PPA patch on a Thinkpad W500 with ATI HD 3650 and Ubuntu 9.10 and it solves the slow desktop effects problem. But I suspect it introduces performance degradation on Xorg.

I had a T61p with Nvidia which worked very good, but it died on me. So I got the new W500 and loaded 9.10 straight away. Hardware-wise the W500 should be a bit faster than the T61p, but I feel it a bit sluggish in comparison.

Right after starting or rebooting my computer everything is good, but after a day of use my Xorg process grows to ~180Mb and start consuming like ~20-30% of CPU.

Could you let me know if you start experiencing the same thing?