Comment 427 for bug 351186

On Wed, Apr 14, 2010 at 10:22:40AM -0000, Nicolas Delvaux wrote:
> Well, if it's not as easy as I thought and that an automatic build can't be set up, it would be up to ubuntu xorg maintainers to manually patch and upload the patched server.
> So it's their decision, even if it can be at least half-automated via a script.
> @maintainers: Any feedback/idea or is this bug a won't fix/wait 1-2
> releases for the free driver to become even more awesome?

The idea being that we maintain two copies of xorg-server in Ubuntu?
No, that would be too much work, and probably would cause other bugs
(people already have trouble moving between -fglrx and -ati on a system,
without having to switch xservers).

Today is really the last chance we could include this patch in lucid,
but there hasn't been an adequate quantity of testing on non-fglrx to
assure me it's safe. But I'll leave my PPA up with the xorg-server

Someone suggested maintaining a more official PPA with the xorg-server
package. I don't have time to maintain such a thing myself but am not
opposed to it. It would probably make the most sense to include this
PPA in the xorg-edgers project. If anyone wishes to volunteer for
maintaining this please contact Sarvatt or Tormod on IRC at #ubuntu-x to
get set up with permissions to maintain the package, and to discuss what
the best solution would be.

The alternate conditions I listed above - redoing the patch to only
apply when the fglrx driver is loaded, or getting the patch accepted
upstream - are still viable and if done might make this patch into a
state that it could be accepted as an SRU.

I won't be working on as of a few more weeks, so will not follow
up on this bug any further. I'd encourage those in the community
interested in seeing this bug resolved to continue along the lines I've
outlined; I think this issue can be solved but it'll take some effort.

Finally, I notice that the #comments has now exceeded what launchpad can
handle, so the bug comments can no longer be displayed in the web
interface. That's a shame. If I were you guys, I'd close out this bug
report and replace it with a fresh one, that has a clear write up for a
description, the current patch attached, the PPA as a workaround, and
steps to rebuild xserver to include the patch. Good luck.