Comment 426 for bug 351186

7oby (tobias-hain) wrote :

In response to #420:

Last time I installed the backclear.patch on ATI Mobility HD3400 hardware I noticed distorted and weird pixels when opening new windows. They disappeared as soon as contents was painted into the window. However it suggests what the source code comments say:

+- /*
+- * Copy bits from the parent into the new pixmap so that it will
+- * have "reasonable" contents in case for background None areas.
+- */

Without this patch- there are NO distorted and arbitrary colored pixels when opening new windows. I would all this a regression (besides the performance improvement) within ATI hardware already.


What I just did is install the patch on -intel hardware (GM965 to be more specific) and expected to see those weird colored pixels when opening new windows. However windows look fine upon creation.