Comment 413 for bug 351186

Alf Gaida (agaida) wrote :

after switching from VirtualBox to real hardware, the good old ATI-Backclear-Bug appears. Doing nice things as searching for another linux distribution i decided to give lucid a chance. As described in the artikle below i downloaded patch and the actual X server and patched it folloing Daëavelwyn:

Comment 256 for bug 351186
Daëavelwyn wrote on 2009-10-10:

In a few words: download, patch, build, install, smile. The speed issues are gone and i can't see memory leaks in my system. All seems to be o.k. this time. Thanks to Daëavelwyn, Felix and all others belong to this problem.

I think that's a shame that this bug isn't fixed for a so long time, but it's not the fault of Ubuntu, Debian ore someone in the Distributions. I have tried all major distries with the same result: The bug occurs. Do the people at Xorg nor ATI no about it. The bug occurs with several Xorg servers and ATI-drivers. Why to fuck doesn't anybody analyse and fix this shit for ever. Patching is nice but dosn't solve the problem. If there are any ideas for promoting this bug, tell me. I'm fixing this fucking pice of code the xx. time and it sucks off. Any time i get a new version i have to do this and dont now as the fix will work. Its sucks. Buying a nvidia card can't be the klue. (Whats about my Dell Studio with ATI). For my second Workstation i solved the problem finally. i bought a mainbord with a Intel G41 on it. Without the patch it work faster then my main-desktop. it's really a showstopper for new Linux (Ubuntu) users, as i have to patch a grown driver in front of a noob...

If i know to set up a ppa i would.