Comment 401 for bug 351186

> However, does the fact that the free driver works
> in Lucid provide hope that the fglrx driver (the next version
> available for lucid) will also be improved ?

No, these drivers are independent.

> To be honest, with people passing patches to the x-server around, it
> doesn't give me confidence that it is 100% clear where the problem
> exists. In the graphics driver, or in the x-server ? Or both ?
> Or can someone enlighten me?

I though someone already asked fglrx dev (can't find it anymore, too
much comments here) and they answered that this is a xserver bug. But
this bug only happen with fglrx so perhaps they just do not want to deal
with it.

> Did the free driver provided with Karmic provide good fast 3D without
> problems (except for the missing power management) ?

For older cards, yes (since Intrepid on my old laptop). But ATI dropped
fglrx support for most of these anyway so no choice here.

> If not, then already I would assume there is hope to think there might
> have been a general fix, since it works perfectly with lucid?

Backporting the Lucid free radeon driver necessitate backporting an important part of the kernel and so on. This will definitely not happen (too much work and against Ubuntu policy)