Comment 324 for bug 351186

Thank you van,

I use currently the open source radeon driver 2D (on my HD 3470 mobility) to
escape the unminimize problem. It would be a shame for me to install the
backclear patch and still be stuck using the 2D version because of a memory

That paraview affects the memory leak like that is surely a huge clue for
finding and fixing the problem! As seems the memory leak only occurs when
using the fglrx driver, that should be what needs now fixing.

However, I read that the fglrx driver contains both open source and
proprietary code. Does that mean that, while it could be out of the open
source community's hands (something for ATI to fix), if the bug originates
from that 'open source part' of the driver, it could be fixable by Ubuntu
developers (or indeed, anyone else) ?


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> [M76] [ubuntu 9.04] slow unminimizing with ati card and desktop effects
> enabled
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