Comment 36 for bug 1058040

Sean Fitzpatrick, as your AMD Firestream 9250 is not a Radeon™ HD 4000, HD 3000 or HD 2000 series card as noted in the Bug Description and Bug Summary, your problem is not covered by this report. As well, as per AMD is still releasing new beta upstream versions of fglrx for your card, while this has not occurred for HD2000-4000 series cards.

Hence, if you have a bug in Ubuntu, could you please file a new report by executing the following in a terminal:
ubuntu-bug xorg

For more on this, please see the Ubuntu X.Org Team (maintainers of fglrx-installer), Ubuntu Bug Control, and Ubuntu Bug Squad article:

and Ubuntu Community article:

When opening up the new report, please feel free to subscribe me to it.

Please note, not filing a new report may delay your problem being addressed as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your understanding.