Comment 230 for bug 1068404

Marco Vuano (vuanomarco) wrote :

@niniendowarrior:if you want to try the new dynamic power management on the open source drivers you should add
to the
line on the /etc/default/grub file and then run
sudo update-grub
as specified on

You should probably also set the CPUfreq governor to "Performance" if you need the maximum performance from the open source drivers(you can use the cpufreq-set command or install the "indicator-cpufreq" indicator).

@kpijarski: if you're using the drivers from the official Ubuntu repositories, I suggest you to file a new bug here on Launchpad (using ubuntu-bug should help you somewhat). If you are instead using the drivers from AMD site you should file a bug on the unofficial ATI bugzilla ( I think you should also try the open source drivers, installing the glamor-egl package if it is not already instaled and eventually enabling dynamic power management (follow the instructions on, which should be the same as the one I suggested above), and see if the problem persists.