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Reinhard Tartler (siretart) wrote : Re: [Bug 522812] Re: libavcodec doesn't decode Theora

On Fr, Feb 19, 2010 at 15:58:35 (CET), Emanem wrote:

> Ah-ah, so basically you're saying that the current Theora decoder
> (exposed via in Ubuntu is broken because it doesn't
> support the finalized Theora video stream? exposes 2 decoders for theora. An internal one and a
wrapper for libtheora. I assume that libtheora is able to playback that
particular file.

> That file is not broken, according to Theora devs this file is done
> against the finalized Theora format (and I guess they know what
> they're talking about).

I didn't claim it broken

> Again, I'm not saying that in Ubuntu you can't playback that file,
> just you can't with libavcodec that is shipping.

I'd rather argue that libavcodec picks the internal decoder by default,
which fails to playback that file. What is so special about this file,
and why do other theora files work? I can only guess that it uses a
colorspace format that libswscale or libavcodec doesn't handle correctly.

> So I would guess that a lot of other players that use libavcodec are
> statically linked to an updated version.

we avoid statically linked players in ubuntu.

> I've already reported to ffmpeg. Actually is not an issue because this
> has already been fixed.

references please, which roundup issue are you talking about? I can
reproduce the problem with your file with current trunk, and I haven't
read you on libav-user mailing list either.

> My question is, when will Ubuntu update libavcodec (and all other
> utility libraries that ship with it)?

as soon as good fix is known

> On a side note, if all other video software would be dynamically linked
> to libavcodec maybe we would see this issue more frequently.

This issue has nothing to do with static vs. dynamic linking.

Reinhard Tartler, KeyID 945348A4