Comment 18 for bug 297406

LinuxGuyInVA (ppmurphy) wrote :

This is slightly embarrassing... :-} but after some rather tortuous struggles with an entirely different problem (trying the fglrx driver and reverting to the open source radeon one after finding the former couldn't handle my 2 monitor setup), f-spot once more works for me. Another app that was giving me problems (Stellarium) also works again, so I can only conclude this was an X11 problem at least in part.

I'm happy to do more tests if there are specific ones that would help... otherwise please accept my apologies for possibly throwing a red herring or two into the mix!

For whatever it's worth, I haven't been futzing with xorg.conf (unlike years past) but letting the gnome-display-properties applet do its thing (with xrandr presumably).