Comment 5 for bug 528567

reacocard (reacocard) wrote :

Ugh, so this just embeds a browser with the store in Exaile and adds some hooks to make playback integrate, basically? That's never really ever going to fit well in Exaile's UI, it's not like Rythmbox where we have almost the entire window open for that. We need a proper music store API so we can write an interface that will fit into Exaile correctly. This is just plain unusable as it stands, especially on smaller monitors.

Of course that's more a problem with Ubuntu One Music Store itself, not this plugin. For the plugin specifically:
 - I'd prefer it be named "ubuntuonemusicstore" or something more descriptive like that. "umusicstore" doesn't tell you anything about what the 'u' means.
 - Why are the preview-mp3, download-finished, and url-loaded signals passed on basically unchanged? Would it not be better to just connect to the original source of these signals and adjust the callbacks appropriately?

And to answer your questions:
"After you listen to a preview more than once, Exaile will start to play your current playlist."
 - This is a limitation of the playback system, as its not designed to handle anything beyond playlists at the moment. We can expand the player API to add what is needed for this later.
(from irc/source) "How I can update the collection list after I have added an track with exaile.collection.add()"
- Well, you could do it via the collection panel's load_tree() method, but really we should just adjust CollectionPanel so that it auto-refreshes for collection memberships changes in addition to Track metadata changes.