Indicator-applet doesn't show new mails from Evolution

Bug #441942 reported by Jo-Erlend Schinstad on 2009-10-04
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evolution-indicator (Ubuntu)

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Binary package hint: indicator-applet

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indicator-applet is visible and both Empathy and Evolution is in the list, but Evolution doesn't show new emails. I'm using a gmail account.

ProblemType: Bug
Architecture: i386
Date: Sun Oct 4 06:28:19 2009
DistroRelease: Ubuntu 9.10
Package: indicator-applet 0.2.0-0ubuntu1
ProcVersionSignature: Ubuntu 2.6.31-11.38-generic
SourcePackage: indicator-applet
Uname: Linux 2.6.31-11-generic i686

Actually, it does. However, when I open Evolution and look at the inbox (without selecting the new mail or anything like that),
indicator-applet shows 0 new mails, even though there is an unread mail in the inbox. Perhaps this is by design? I've received an indication and acted on it, so it's not a new mail anymore? If so, I think that's confusing. It should display the number of unread mails, I think.

Ted Gould (ted) wrote :

Yes, it is intendent to show the number of unviewed messages not the number of unread.

affects: indicator-applet (Ubuntu) → evolution-indicator (Ubuntu)
Yantit (t-ehmer) wrote :

I got the same "issue" as Mr. Schinstad. When I have Evolution on another workspace and I receive a new mail on any of my two mail accounts, it doesn't any other number than 0 in parentheses. I also don't really get the difference between an unviewed message & a unread message.
In my opinion it would be nicer to have the number of new mails in parantheses for every account and the evelope-icon turning dark, just like it does while using empathy.

Or am I getting something really wrong?

godhika (godhika) wrote :

Same here with an yahoo mail account.

flusheddata (flusheddata) wrote :

The very same thing here on a fresh 9.10 (32bit) install.

Jerry (priegog) wrote :

Still happens on a recently installed Lucid 64-bit install.

Neal McBurnett (nealmcb) wrote :

I sense confusion over how it is supposed to work, and It's unclear what "the same thing" means, so I'm marking this incomplete so we can get clearer on this.

Please add details on what kind of inbox you have (local, pop, imap, etc), what provider you use, and the sequence of events you observe.

As Ted noted above, the number you see on the indicator is not "unread" messages, but rather messages you haven't even noticed by looking at your Inbox message listing. (Can anyone point to any documentation or a blueprint to clarify the expected behavior? I've dug with no success.)

It is working that way for me, and this is what you can expect:
* send mail to self
* do not visit your inbox until you expect the next periodic check (10 minutes by default)
* watch for notifications or change in status bar indicator
* expect popup notification with # of unnoticed messages, and change in color of mail indicator in top panel
* visit your inbox in evolution, but don't read the mails
* observe that after looking at the inbox in question and clicking on an old, read email, the indicator changes color to normal, and the number of unnoticed messages is 0

For better debugging, follow the directions at "Evolution bug hunting":

I.e. first exit evolution and shut down all the other evolution processes:
  evolution --force-shutdown
and then enabling a debug file:
 CAMEL_DEBUG=all evolution >& /tmp/evo.log

you can see what is going on behind the scenes. You can install the "multitail" package to get timestamps on the debug lines:
 multitail -ts /tmp/evo.log

Changed in evolution-indicator (Ubuntu):
status: New → Incomplete
Neal McBurnett (nealmcb) wrote :

Note the comments in two other bugs now marked as duplicates of this one. In particular, bug 545113.

In particular I can confirm that I see no notification or indicator change if mail comes in while I'm sending a new mail with a full-screen window. That seems problematic since I'd particularly like to know about incoming mail when I'm responding to an active thread. But I think that should be a separate bug, and it would be nice to be able to file that bug after seeing what the documentation says should be happening.

xrayA4T (xraya4t) wrote :

I have three accounts and 2 filter rules.
On my primary account the mail stays in the inbox (On this Computer->Inbox)
On Gmail I have a filter to move it to a gmail folder (On this Computer->Gmail->Inbox)
On my company account I have a filter to move it to a company folder (On this Computer->Company->Inbox)

Only the mail in the On this Computer->Inbox folder will show up in the indicator icon.

It appears that if you apply any filter to a mail it will not appear in the indicator. I did a test using a filter to set the colour of an email if it had a specific subject. I then sent two emails, one with the subject and one without. The inbox then showed 2 unread but the indicator applet only showed 1 new mail.

emas (emas80spam) wrote :

I've two account configured in evolution (Lucid, 64bit), a gmail imap and a pop3 account.

Pop3 account email go in On this computer->Inbox folder, while gmail imap go in its own folder, that evolution created when adding the account, it's outside "On this Computer", maybe because it is imap?

Indicator (as unread/unseen email number and bubble notificatons) works only if evolution is open (why? couldn't it be configured to check every ten minutes the emails?), and it works ONLY for gmail imap account and for emails that, as I configured Gmail, stay in the inbox.
Before this week updates, it worked (just the notification bubble) only for pop3 emails...

I attach a screenshot showing that I've only "Jakala gmail" folder, no pop3

Changed in evolution-indicator (Ubuntu):
status: Incomplete → Confirmed
Neal McBurnett (nealmcb) wrote :

Jeremy, can you describe exactly what behavior you consider confirmed as a bug? Mostly I either see confusion over what should happen, or issues that are different than the original description (e.g. whether filtered mail should be indicated). Gmail messages are notified and indicated fine for me as long as evolution is open and I haven't looked at my inbox. I think we still need more clarity and information.

martincasc (martincasco) wrote :

I have 2 IMAP accounts and 1 POP account configured in Evolution.

With evolution open it's the only way to see the Configured accounts from messaging menu, but all the time this menu sais I have (0) unread mails. And If I click on one of my accounts links from messaging menu, it doesn't take me to that account, only maximize Evolution.

I'm using Lucid Lynx 32 bits

I've just discovered this "bug" while exploring the possibility of switching from Thunderbird to Evolution. I have to say, the expected behaviour (i.e. the difference between viewed and unread messages) is totally unintuitive. I expect to be told how many unread mails I have. Just because I have Evolution open it doesn't mean I've noticed I've got new mail, and unless someone is watching me through my monitor, it has no way of knowing. o_0.

Back to Thunderbird with notifications that work every time for me.

I am having this problem in Ubuntu 10.10 RC amd64. It used to work OK in Lucid. It is really annoying, because I don't get any king of notification when a new mails arrive.

Also, I am using the Spanish version of Ubuntu, and my inbox folder is called "Bandeja de Entrada" in Evolution, but it is in English in the indicator (It says "Inbox"). It wasn't this way in Lucid. Maybe the problem is there?

It would be very important to solve this problem prior to the release of the final version of Ubuntu 10.10. I am willing to help in what I can.

Jeremy Nickurak (nickurak) wrote :

I appear to be seeing this issue with Evolution and an Exchange server under 10.10, indicator 0.2.8-0ubuntu1, evolution 2.28.3-0ubuntu10.

New (unread) messages in an exchange account exist, but the messaging menu shows '0' for the message count on the account, and the main messaging-menu indicator icon doesn't indicate anything needing attention.

Different issue, or duplicate of this?

bjd (bjd-xs4all) wrote :

Mr. McBurnett, twice now in your answers you have remarked on some confusion
about how things seem to be working. What does that tell you?

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