Comment 131 for bug 34199


  If the patch isn't going to be accepted, then this case might be
closed :)

 Michal Zimen <email address hidden>

       [ I am Beloved, Therefore I am. ]

On Fri, 2009-01-23 at 09:00 +0000, era wrote:
> oss_test_launchpad: as long as the bug is in "new" / "incomplete" it
> cannot meaningfully be communicated upstream. Once there is a
> reasonable understanding of the root cause of the problem, it can be
> marked as "Confirmed" and passed upstream. For further information
> about the lifecycle of a bug in Launchpad, see e.g.
> and the pages
> under (regrettably, I have been
> unable to find a single understandable authoritative up-to-date source
> for this type of information, but at least that's a start).
> It looks like mizu is making good progress with nailing down the nature
> of the problem -- please keep us posted!
> To my limited understanding, it is correct to assign it to the package
> "evolution-exchange" and should be marked as "Invalid" for Evolution
> proper. But I'm just a random volunteer, and use neither Evolution nor
> Exchange.