Comment 2 for bug 159401

Bd (s-c-keys) wrote :

I have a similar problem.

My work laptop runs XP and Ubuntu (formerly Feisty, now Gutsy). My work emails are on an MS Exchange 2003 server.

Until recently, I could read, send and file emails using either Outlook under XP, or Evolution with Ubuntu.

Since updating to Gutsy, some emails which are visible in my inbox under Outlook are not visible under Evolution (Gutsy). The "missing" emails are, however, visible if I look in my inbox using MS WebAccess (either under XP or Ubuntu).

I am not certain, but it seems that the "missing" emails are those which I have read and deleted (only on handheld) on my Blackberry.

All emails are still visible from my home pc, which is still running Feisty.

Wierd !