Comment 17 for bug 66379

Philippe Leroux wrote:
> Ok so
> gtk 2.10.9 from testing solves on bug and leads to another
> i hanv't identified the last one
> when printing
> cups reports (see error logs in admin from localhost:631) "bad request line" ...
> havnt found anything about that on the net
> so I recompiled evince using --with-print=gnome
> instead of gtk
> as firefox and gedit use this printing backend
> and it works ok, i mean evince will print and not freeze
> check for cups log, this will have to be investigated some more,
> i have no idea if it is a gtk bug or something else (cups, evince?)
Philippe, can you help me, how can i recompile evince, if I installed it
from blastwave?
Where can i use option --with-print=gnome?