Comment 39 for bug 1288182

Compiled the latest poppler trunk from the GIT repository - 0.40.0 including commits up to commit ab3c9ccb630004be049cb59f303612aa2a35f408 - on Ubuntu 16.04 daily with updates. Also compiled the latest trunk of qpdfview - - including all the funny libraries and passing all tests.

No improvement.

Install the latest Windows 10 (64bit) version of Foxit Reader using wine (staging or devel from wine PPA on Ubuntu) and open the file in it. Works like a charm, looks beautifully.

Alternative solution:
Is there any alternative to poppler on Linux? Note that Foxit for Linux does not even support forms! You can add text via comments, but then again, the "special" characters are broken or invisible (amusingly in a different way than using poppler).

Affected readers (confirmed):
evince (called Document viewer on Ubuntu), okular, qpdfview, Foxit Reader for Linux

Not affected:
Foxit Reader for Windows on wine-1.9.3 (Staging))

Not working (crashes on wine-1.9.3 (Staging)):
Adobe acrobat reader XI for Windows on Wine

To demonstrate the problem, type this into a PDF form:
Příliš žľuťoučký kůň úpěl ďábelské ódy

Some character disappear, some are replaced with free spaces and become invisible. If entered using Foxit Reader for Windows however, the whole phrase displays correctly on Linux PDF viewers. It becomes malformed when copied into any other form.