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I've done that. (use sudo to register the nodes).. the NC does not register

From google searches It seems a lot of people are having this same problem ?

thanks tho'.

On Mon, Dec 6, 2010 at 11:00 AM, C de-Avillez <email address hidden> wrote:

> Thank you for opening this bug and helping make Ubuntu better.
> 'euca_conf' is expected to be run under 'sudo': the files under
> /var/lib/eucalyptus are owned by the 'eucalyptus' user. Please re-run
> the node registration as:
> sudo euca_conf --register-nodes ...
> Now, if you have your environment correctly set up, the installation of
> a new NC should capture the Eucalyptus basic configuration (CLC, SC,
> Walrus, and CC) from the -registration services -- so you might have a
> problem somehwere there.
> Additionally, I do not like the messages stating "Warning: cannot file
> file ..." -- these are not clear (what does 'file file' mean?). I would
> like you to open a new bug on this, and add in the command and full
> output.
> Finally, it is usually a better option to try to open bugs via 'ubuntu-
> bug eucalyptus' -- this will also upload logs, and allow for an easier
> (and hopefully faster) issue triage.
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> Title:
> Node Controller (NC) fail to register