Comment 40 for bug 588861

Ok, so we've committed the fix to our git repo and will upload the kernel to the archive late Wed. I suggest the release note recommend using the kernel provided in the PPA and then update to the 2.6.35-6.9 kernel once it's available.

From #ubuntu-release on FreeNode:
[14:37:47] <ogasawara> cjwatson, ttx: in the release team meeting last friday we agreed, "if on Wednesday bug 588861 is not fixed in kernel, then can ogasawara prepare the PPA and then ttx can release note the PPA, otherwise ttx to release note to dist-upgrade"
[14:38:09] <ogasawara> cjwatson, ttx: we've already uploaded a kernel which contains the fix to our PPA
[14:38:51] <ogasawara> cjwatson, ttx: do you want me to wait to upload the official kernel to the archive until immediately after Alpha2 is released?
[14:39:34] <ogasawara> cjwatson, ttx: or would you prefer I upload the kernel sooner (ie now) so it's immediately available for people to dist-upgrade?
[14:41:55] <ScottK> ogasawara: It might be nice to wait until the buildds aren't quite so clogged if it's not going to be accepted until after Alpha 2.
[14:43:38] <ogasawara> ScottK: makes sense
[14:44:58] <cjwatson> I think late Wednesday would be OK
[14:57:20] <ogasawara> cjwatson: ack