Comment 19 for bug 565101

I just rab a sequence of 400 instances on topo2 (CLC;Walrus;CC;SC;NC-1;NC-2). Topo2 was has been, on my experience, the easiest one to get the OOMs; usually I would see both CLC and Walrus increasing memory in a similar way, and starting to spit out OOMs at about the 750M of resident memory (without using '-Xmx nnnn' to force a specific heap size).

I ran it using today's daily -- 20100426.1 for the base install, 20100426 for the UEC image, plus eucalyptus 1.6.2-0ubuntu31~ppa2 .

This time I see a slower increase in memory on the CLC, and an even slower on the Walrus. At the end of this run the CLC reported (via 'top') ~800M of resident memory, and the Walrus ~700M. The run has been saved on lp:~hggdh2/+junk/uec-qa, under lucid/20100426.1/topo2-0.tar (the output of the test, plus the contents of /var/log/* for each machine).