Comment 9 for bug 960967

Tom Gall (tom-gall) wrote :

Thanks much for the test image and bug report. I'm able to recreate the issue locally.

In my case it's not crashing, I get an error message on the save that indicates "Maximum supported image dimension is 65500"

I have used jpegtran (a command line tool part of libjpeg-turbo-tools and rotated the image successfully with that, I believe that rules out that the original image has any errors.

I am using a newer libjpeg-turbo8 (found in ppa:linaro-maintainers/staging-overlay) which I'm intending to release as an update in the archive soon.

Will gdb a bit with eog, I am concerned given the error message about image sizes, that there is garbage in the image header after the rotation and that's the bug, not libjpeg-turbo attempting to save the image.