Comment 14 for bug 322314

cldx (cldx3000) wrote :

I just got really confused by this setting as well, heres what i expected this Setting to do while checking the Box.

-I start Ubuntu.
-Empathy starts in the Background.
-Notify-OSD will give me a Message like "Your current Messenger Status is: Away"
-My Messenger Status will be the same i left it with (e.g. "Away")
-My Message Notifications get updated according to pending messages i received while being offline (if the Service supports such).
-Buddys will be instantly notified (or be aware) im available again and can send me Messages which of course, will end up in the Notification Area as well.

Until this point i didnt even have to open my Buddy List once. Please feel free to adapt, correct or rearrange this expected bahaviour list.