Comment 96 for bug 417757

@cosmo et al., I reported that it also slows down my VMware host-only network communication when my laptop is without any connection to an outside network, so THERE IS NO INTERNET AND NO NAMESERVER AT ALL. Yet, I had to move mySQL from the host OS into the virtual (Ubuntu 9.10) machine in order to be able to continue working - because every single mySQL request, and there are a lot when you develop a website, took a few seconds longer than before the upgrade.

Also, I disabled IPv6 in grub (ipv6.disable=1) and while it helps Firefox (I re-enabled ipv6 in Firefox and it still worked) it did NOT help other applications: my ssh connection to a server on the Internet takes a loooooong time, but when I use "ssh -4" (tell ssh to use ipv4 only) it's immediate. AFTER I DISABLED IPV6?!

So the case is NOT as simple as some people want to make us believe, and it certainly is NOT a problem "of your router" (i.e. mine). See above.

I've been "doing Linux" since 1995, I even did kernel development (networking/firewall/network address translation) up to kernel 2.4. And I say this is a bug in Ubuntu!!! Okay, any number of exclamation marks, i.e. yelling, does not make me any more right, but... oh well.

But who cares, the only reason I'm still here is that SuSE's and Fedora's new releases are still two weeks away.