Comment 94 for bug 417757

I'll give it up... posting, confirming assigning bugs in this senseless bugtracking system with every ignorant hacker freak telling some stupid workarounds about howto edit some stupid config file. iMho A bugtracking System should keep track of bugs for people SOLVING Bugs. This one here should be called Workarounding System.

I mean i always told my Family and Friends to use Ubuntu because its EASY. Because its just WORKING unlike Windows. I told them "trhough your windows copys away you dont need them if you ever tried ubuntu".

And now? When i tell those guys aka "Users" or "Mortal" - hey the whole community knows about the Problem that your internet connection is as slow as in the early days back when you had a 56k Modem. But its ok for THEM because THEY are SELFISH and able to edit config files. And guys this is pretty important for IPV6 ???

I made the assignation to get someone to look at the PROBLEM not to disable ipv6. the should REPAIR this. So i assign it again. Will do this 1000 times more if i need to.