Comment 40 for bug 417757

My problem goes away if I disable IPv6. If I boot with IPv6 though, so I have the problem, DNS lookups from the command line happen quickly.

for i in `cat /etc/resolv.conf | grep ^nameserver | cut -f2 -d' '`; do dig @$i AAAA; done

is practically instant. (I have also tried it with some other hostnames to check it is not cacheing hiding the problem.)

I should add I did not have this problem in Jaunty, and no equipment has changed, only the upgrade to Karmic.

So, as I type, with IPv6 enabled, Privoxy is grinding, everything else seems OK.

If I reboot with IPv6 off, Privoxy and everything else will be OK. DNS AAAA lookups seem OK whether enabled or disabled.

So is there some other subtle interaction between Privoxy and IPv6?