Comment 305 for bug 417757

JG (jg+launchpad) wrote :

Thanks Derek. Your patch worked for me. I had already disabled IPv6 via sysctl and took all IPv6 addresses off my interfaces. The about:config solves firefox, but mutt and ssh were still a problem.

I'm a bit surprised at some of the suggested workarounds. I wouldn't really blame the resolvers - things shouldn't be doing AAAA lookups if ipv6 is disabled in the first place. It might be possible to blame the authors of virtually every network-aware app, but that isn't realistic.

Most of us running ubuntu in corporate networks with broken Microsoft resolvers are doing so completely unsupported. If you open a ticket, you'll be lucky if ignoring it is the worst that happens. More likely you'll be told to use a supported environment and just give them another reason why linux users are an expensive problem. "Go fix your resolvers" is just not a reasonable response. Using other DNS servers doesn't work in this case either, because they don't have access the intranet zones.