Comment 28 for bug 417757

Is it possible, that some patch changed the usage order of the nameserver from /etc/resolv.conf?

My router does deliver a "dead" nameserver via DHCP [1], which was never a problem since Ubuntu used to question the first (local) nameserver. The local nameserver resolves any given request without a problem [2]. If I remove the dead nameserver from resolv.conf, I no longer have any problems resolving DNS queries.

So it *might* be a solution to just change the usage order of the DNS servers to solve this "bug". Please notice, that a lot of users never experienced this problem before Karmic, so it might be hard to blame their hardware for this, even if it might be technically true... :-)

[1] It's a SE515, which delivers, despite any configuration.
[2] dig @ AAAA without any noticeable delay