Comment 277 for bug 417757

]] Martin Pitt

| ipv6.disable=1 does not make any difference for me in Lucid (I haven't
| tested that with karmic, since the eglibc in karmic-updates fixed it)

That's interesting, since eglibc does iterate over configured network
interfaces and only sets seen_ipv6 if you have a non-IPv4 address which
is also not loopback

This suggests it's taking another code path from what I was assuming
from reading the code.

| Matthias Klose [2010-04-16 0:16 -0000]:
| > There's a eglibc testbuild prepared; it's tested to install and survive
| > a reboot; if you want to test it, please add to /etc/apt/sources.list:
| >
| > deb lucid main
| Makes no difference here. Is that still the same patch as
| local-ipv6-lookup.diff in karmic-updates?

It's a somewhat simplified version which I believe should have worked,
but apparently doesn't.

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