Comment 266 for bug 417757

Sorry to add to the noise a bit, but I just want to get the scope of this bug clear. I certainly have *a bug* but I can't figure out if it is this one or not. In the description, it says
"If disabling IPv6 or using good DNS servers like openDNS fixes the problem, you are not dealing with this bug."

Does "not dealing with this bug" mean "you have another bug which is unrelated to this", or does it mean "you have this bug, but that isn't a valid fix for it." Maybe we can get this text cleared up to avoid all this confusion about who has the bug and who doesn't.

It also says
"Routers which do not repond [sic] to this cause the lookup to take 20 seconds"

The latter quote seems to imply that the bug will appear for certain DNS servers (e.g., a router), but not others (e.g., proper Internet DNS servers). Therefore, if "using a good DNS server like openDNS fixes the problem", why am I not dealing with the bug? The bug only shows up on certain DNS servers; changing my DNS server is a workaround, but surely it implies I have this same bug.

I have the iiNet BoB router, which is giving me 20 second DNS lookup delays. Changing my DNS settings (in resolv.conf) to a public DNS server (in this case, using my ISP's DNS server) fixes the problem immediately in all apps. So is this the bug, or should I be reporting another one?