Comment 26 for bug 417757

@ Pconfig / #20

> You can't tell your grandmother to edit some config files because her internet is slow

Does your grandmother use Ubuntu then? If so, then just help her out in fixing the issue :)

@ Zack Evans / #23

> I have a Draytek so blaming the router isn't practical - these have a MASSIVE installed base

This problem also is in effect when the user has Windows and IPv6 enabled on that. The problem lies in the DNS resolver (which might not be the NAT box (what you call "router") but might be even your ISP, and thus you can avoid the problem by not using the DNS resolver in the NAT box. You might of course also try to upgrade your router, maybe they fixed the problem (you upgrade your Ubuntu and other things too, because they have issues, thus try that)

> To be honest, only the advanced users would want IPv6 anyway, so why not have it off by default and make it very easy to switch on?

Because in a few years or so you will have to enable IPv6 as there won't be any new hosts with IPv4 addresses. As such, better bite the apple today and fix those IPv6 issues, then wait till you really need it.

@ camper365 / #24

yes, that is correct, as when you ping it has to lookup the hostname in DNS, while if you ping the address, it doesn't. DNS resolving (thus figuring out which address belongs to the requested hostname) is where the problem lies. See the hints about OpenDNS or pdns-recursor to solve it.

@ Ragnarel / #25

as per comment #11 try a:
  for i in `cat /etc/resolv.conf | grep ^nameserver | cut -f2 -d' '`; do dig @$i AAAA; done
when connected to wireless and when not connected to wireless. Or just for that matter, check if you are using the same nameservers when connected to wireless and wired, if they are different then you already got a small part of the answer.