Comment 256 for bug 417757

>> @Ricardo Fernández As I mention above, in my case, after disabling IPV6,
>> I still had the same symptoms. Terribly long delays making any kind of
>> network connections (all wired). I noticed here that it seemed to be
>> related to making more than one network connection at a time.
> If disabling IPv6 fixes the issue, you aren't dealing with this bug. Please
> open a new one if need be

What part of "disabling IPv6 doesn't fix this issue" you didn't read?
seriously, I'm starting to get tired of saying this didn't fix the bug
for me, and few others keep saying the same, are you guys really not
reading the posts? Just because the status was changed to "Fixed"
doesn't mean it is really fixed if people are still getting the same

Please tell me tools to give you more info, tell me what to do to help
the developers to find answers, tell me what do I do need to do to
debug the info you people need.

And don't tell me it is fixed because otherwise i wouldn't be posting
here don't you think ?

Really c'mon guys, why it is so hard? If it is fixed for you, nice!
congratulations! now move along, we have people here that still have
problems (including myself).

No offense, but dealing with Fedora bugzilla and people there is more
easy than dealing with the ubuntu community and developers, here i
have to say around 50 times why it isn't fixed for me and people still
don't belive it, thats just amaizing.