Comment 246 for bug 417757

On Wed, 2010-03-03 at 13:36 +0000, Ricardo Fernández wrote:
> I was wondering something, If a Fix was Released, and if it doesn't work
> (as reported by almost all users since the release), what we should do?
> Open a new bug ticket?

No, you should try to determine if the problem you are experiencing is
the same problem as the problem described in this bug.

If you still have issues (which you shouldn't have, since *this* bug is
fixed), try to debug and find which problem you are experiencing.

This problem is about trying to get AAAA-records on machines that don't
even have any IPv6 connectivity. (devs, please correct me if needed). If
you tcpdump your interface, and see no AAAA-queries, this bug is not
your problem, but there might be another problem.

So, if you still experience issues. Try using wired networks instead of
wireless (I myself have crappy wireless performance with Karmic and a
Linksys interface), tcpdump your interface to see what happens. Etc etc

> I guess this bug will be like the VNC client on Ubuntu (the one
> installed by default on gnome, vinillo), 4 releases of Ubuntu and still
> doesn't work at all, no one can even use it, and still there was a "Fix
> Released".

Never heard of Vinillo, but ok. That's not what this bug is about. :)