Comment 245 for bug 417757

I was wondering something, If a Fix was Released, and if it doesn't work (as reported by almost all users since the release), what we should do? Open a new bug ticket?

I'm not changing the status or anything, but it is kinda lame that the status can't be reverted because the fix doesn't work at all. After the Fix was "Released" no one at Ubuntu have been trying to reach the users to see what is going on, they just check that the bug is "fixed" and thats it; is there no need to check the feedback?

This Bug is _NOT_ fixed at all, check the comments from the people, it didn't do the job, they are still delays on resolving names and the browser takes few seconds before opening webpages, this same is happening on 10.04 right now.

I guess this bug will be like the VNC client on Ubuntu (the one installed by default on gnome, vinillo), 4 releases of Ubuntu and still doesn't work at all, no one can even use it, and still there was a "Fix Released".