Comment 198 for bug 417757

1. I'm having this problem intermittently
2. When it occurs on my Karmic box, it also occurs on a Windows 7 laptop
(wireless) on my home network.
3. Other computers on the network (XP both wired and wireless) remain
functional DNS wise, except that sometimes my web request to the router
config page is forwarded to the Karmic box (see 4b below). Router reboot
required to fix.
4. Upgrading my router (D-Link DIR-655) firmware seemed to help, but
after three days of flawless function, the problem occurred again. I
found that I had not checked the (new with latest firmware) 'Advanced
DNS' checkbox in the router config. I checked that and rebooted the
router. All is well since then, <24 hours.
4a. Because of domestic issues, I shut down all computers and the home
network at night and reboot each morning.
4b. Port 80 is forwarded from the router to apache on my Karmic box.
5. My upgrade from Jaunty to Karmic (Kubuntu) is seriously broken. Only
terminal shutdowns work (Bug#418509) K3b ruins disks but doesn't burn
them and no media players function properly except vlc and totem.
6. A work machine with similar configuration upgraded to Karmic without

Brad Peters wrote:
> I tested the karmic-proposed package on my work machine, however, I'm
> still having intermittent issues with this. Since this is a work
> machine, I'm at the mercy of our IT department as far as routers and DNS
> resolution goes. I've disabled all workarounds, installed the new
> package and rebooted. It worked for about five minutes before going
> back to the same behavior I was seeing previously.
> All throughout this bug report, a lot of people (developers, I'm
> assuming) have commented that the routers are broken and it shouldn't be
> on Ubuntu to fix the problem. I'm sorry, but if I go from a working
> version of Ubuntu (Jaunty) and upgrade, I expect everything to work
> equally as well, if not better, than the previous release.

Tai Sines
"Share your strengths, not your weaknesses." -- Yogi Bhajan