Comment 171 for bug 417757

Carlin [2009-11-20 7:01 -0000]:
> What is the status of this bug? Above it looks like it was fixed;
> "status: Confirmed → Fix Released", but at the top it only says the
> status is "Confirmed".

It was wrongly closed and reopened.

> If it is fixed, is the fixed package available now via Update
> Manager? Or do I have to enable other repos (Testing, Proposed, et
> al.) to get the fixed package?

As I wrote earlier, there is a package from a PPA which reapplies a
patch to glibc to fix this. But it reopens two other bugs. Laurent's
suggestion seems better, but I can't test it here (I'm in Dallas at
UDS). I can test it next week when I'm back home, or someone else test
Laurent's suggestion first.

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