Comment 163 for bug 417757


Yeah I'll tell my ISP to upgrade their Hardware because my Ubuntu doesn't work. That will surely work. *sigh*

Also they are over 600+ million internet users around the world (maybe more?), 4 millions using IPv6 is around 0.7% of the internet users.. so yeah, pretty much no one. And how many of thoses 4 millions use Ubuntu ? let me guess it should be below 0.1%, so, making IPv6 enabled by default will only be used by 0.1% (below that number to be honest). Default should be for the other 99.9%.

Yes they are a lot of systems shipped with IPv6, the point is thoses systems _works_ and Ubuntu 9.10 doesn't (not the whole distro of course, just this "cant use internet thing").

You can't ask everybody to update their whole network hardware to IPv6 to make Ubuntu works, thats quite hard to do, it is easier just to switch distro (Like Fedora, Debian, anything) or just Windows 7, and thats what most people will do when they try to use their favorite distro (Ubuntu) and notice the slow internet.

On the security side, just because a firewall/router doesn't process IPv6 it doesn't mean you can use some sort of attack, you can't attack something that doesn't understand you, at most you can just try to DoS it, so I'm quite sure no one is afraid of a IPv6 attack over a IPv4 network.