Comment 151 for bug 417757

Thanks Jeroen, I will try this tonight, when I get home. I don't really care
if it comes as an update or a work around, as long as it works. So thanks
for the tip.

On Mon, Nov 9, 2009 at 7:08 AM, Martin Pitt <email address hidden> wrote:

> Cromartie [2009-11-09 13:31 -0000]:
> > This is an Ubuntu bug, plain and simple.
> Folks, please calm down. As the bug status shows, it is an
> acknowledged and open bug report, and there was no official statement
> like "your router sucks, bad luck, go away". There is a new glibc
> package for testing, and several workarounds were proposed, and
> eventually we'll fix this in karmic-updates properly.
> > Especially since most of those "fixes" are voodoo magic posted by
> > clueless idiots -- fixing Firefox and no other application is not a fix.
> Watch your language. The other people subscribed here are trying to
> help! This conduct is unacceptable.
> Martin
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> [karmic regression] all network apps / browsers suffer from multi-second
> delays by default due to IPv6 DNS lookups
> You received this bug notification because you are a direct subscriber
> of a duplicate bug.
> Status in “glibc” package in Ubuntu: Confirmed
> Status in “network-manager” package in Ubuntu: Invalid
> Status in “glibc” source package in Lucid: Confirmed
> Status in “network-manager” source package in Lucid: Invalid
> Status in “glibc” source package in Karmic: Confirmed
> Status in “network-manager” source package in Karmic: Invalid
> Bug description:
> In Karmic, DNS lookups take a very long time with some routers, because
> glibc's DNS resolver tries to do IPv6 (AAAA) lookups even if there are no
> (non-loopback) IPv6 interfaces configured. Routers which do not repond to
> this cause the lookup to take 20 seconds (until the IPv6 query times out).

Dmitriy Mestetskiy