Comment 133 for bug 417757

In #132 SonicBOOM wrote "I don't know anybody who would be fine to purchase a new modem/router for the sake of IPv6 in Ubuntu, at least not when everything, except Karmic, appears to be working fine."

Like Bernard Bou (post #9) I am with Orange in France. I actually installed to a new Livebox last week and made sure everything was working fine in 9.04 before "upgrading" to 9.10 on three machines so even a brand new router does not help.

I realise the technically savvy posting above have put a lot of work into hacks and work-arounds but I endorse the comments in posts #14, #87, #88, #127 & #132. An average user wants things to work out of the box and 9.10 should not have been released like this. I am astounded this is not rated a "critical" bug.