Comment 21 for bug 372014

I worked with Joey on IRC to track this down.

This situation occurs when 0-byte files are created in the underlying filesystem.

It's not entirely clear to me under what circumstances this can happen. Previously, this was caused by EXT4 errors. I haven't seen those in practice now in over 6 months. Perhaps there's something else wrong.

In any case, you can solve this for yourself by making sure that the 0-byte files are not in use, and then deleting them.

Something like this might help:

for i in find $(mount | grep " on $HOME type ecryptfs" | awk '{print $1}') -size 0c; do
  if ! fuser -v $i; then
    rm -f $i

Then clear your dmesg with:
 sudo dmesg -c

And see if they come back...