Comment 23 for bug 1453738

Martin Pitt (pitti) wrote :

We need to fix existing stables at least, including trusty. Even though upstart doesn't give you a hint/error about the broken swap configuration, we are still using unencrypted swap there unintentionally. For an SRU we need to extend our horrible ecryptfs postinst hack to detect this situation, apply the "offset=" to crypttab, and comment out the unencrypted swap from /etc/fstab.

Given that we have shipped broken swap partitions in pretty much every scenario with ecryptfs (bug 953875, this bug, and to a lesser degree bug 1447282), and static swap partitions are also inflexible and unnecessary on most modern hardware, we should also consider (for wily and later) to entirely stop configuring them, and consider other solutions like "swapspace".