Comment 18 for bug 1453738

Yuck, that's not working well at all.
Seems the installer wants to make the disk GPT.

To even change it to MBR, I'd have to "zap" the GPT info and reboot. Without zapping, using fdisk to change it to MSDOS, rebooting, and it would revert back to GPT with all of the partitions.

Then after zapping, setting up the partitions, selecting the custom install, GRUB-2 ends up popping up on reboot instead of going into Ubuntu, and I'm not familiar enough with GRUB to set it up from the shell.
So, knowing it DID install under MBR, I went back to reinstall and let the installer set it up in it's own way, hoping it would still use MBR... nope, it switched it to GPT.

I had looked at Ubuntu on a VM years back and thought it unfriendly, as well as a few other dists, but figured by now it would have been clean. Boy am I mistaken.