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Ben Whitten (benwhitten) wrote :

I believe the issue lies in the line;

This matches fine for /dev/sda* type partitions but not /dev/nvme*n*p* or /dev/mmcblk*p* resulting in a device that fdisk doesn't know about and cant proceed to set the no-auto flag.

This is what I did to set the flag after installation and stop the prompts, use at your own risk double check your partitions and devices!!
Find out what partition your swap is on, look in /etc/fstab and it says where it was during installation, for me this was /dev/nvme0n1p7.
Set the no-auto flag on this partition with: fsdisk --part-attrs /dev/nvme0n1 7 "63"
Reboot to no prompt.
Check with: swapon -s
I get /dev/dm-0