Comment 0 for bug 1796788

Jeffy.Chen (jeffy.chen) wrote :

The new resize2fs(1.43+) failed to resize attached image file, and e2fsck didn't report any error before the resizing.

Test steps:
1/ truncate -s 220M userdata.img
2/ e2fsck -fy userdata.img
3/ resize2fs userdata.img

When using resize2fs from e2fsprogs 1.43+(tested 1.43.4/1.43.5/1.44.4), it would abort with:
Resizing the filesystem on userdata.img to 225280 (1k) blocks.
resize2fs: Illegal indirect block found while trying to resize userdata.img
Please run 'e2fsck -fy userdata.img' to fix the filesystem
after the aborted resize operation.

More information:
1/ The image is generated on xenial with genext2fs
2/ It works well on xenial with e2fsprogs 1.42.13-1ubuntu1
3/ It works well when resizing with a size less than 220M, for example "resize2fs userdata.img 219M"