Comment 17 for bug 1365874

Theodore Ts'o (tytso) wrote :

I recently released e2fsprogs 1.44.0 (currently in Debian Unstable, should hopefully hit Debian Testing in three more days) which turns on Metadata Checksums for everyone.

Pulling in 1.44.0 supports two new features, largedir and ea_inode, (neither turned on by default yet, but the second in particular is very useful for Samba servers since it was written specifically to efficiently support Windows ACL's and Security ID's better than any other file system by supporting xattr dedupe.)

In general e2fsprogs has a very conservative release process, and there have been a *large* number of bug fixes since e2fsprogs 1.42.13. (Including some that can cause horrible file system corruption and data loss if you do off-line resize2fs operations (resizing the file system while the file system is not mounted) under some circumstances. So if you are using distribution with that has e2fsprogs 1.42.13, on the misguided assumption that staying on an ancient version of e2fsprogs is "safer" --- that is simply not true.

One caveat: in 1.44.0 I started relying on dpkg build profiles in debian/rules. This means e2fsprogs 1.44.0 no longer builds out of the box for Debian 7 (wheezy, aka Debian old-old-stable) and Ubuntu Trusty (14.04 LTS) and older releases. It should be possible to backport e2fsprogs 1.44.0 to 14.04 LTS, but at the very least 14.04 LTS should go to 1.43.9 to fix a huge number of bugs. But for 16.04, e2fsprogs 1.44.0 should just drop right in. And with 14.04 LTS and older, e2fsprogs 1.43.9 should Just Work.

It wouldn't be that hard to make e2fsprogs 1.44.0 work on 14.04 LTS, but it won't be turn-key.