Comment 25 for bug 1546565

Hi Michael,
this seems to confuse people regularly, so instead of just answering questions as last time I went over the whole bug again to summarize. Thanks for being persistent pitti and mwhudson!

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Upstream DPDK & Openvswitch (and libvirt):
This is a back and forth discussion who should fix it and who not. It is essentially looping around with no project accepting a fix yet and leaving the overall solution (OVS+DPDK on KVM Guests) unusable for end users.
That is why we carry the delta for now - DPDK to provide the option, Openvswitch to show an example how to exploit the option.

DPDK (fix to make option available):
- fixed in Yakkety 2.2.0-0ubuntu9
- fixed in Xenial 2.2.0-0ubuntu8
- Debian (I'm co-leading the Debian effort, the fix is in there already)

neutron-openvswitch Juju Charms Collection (exploit this from charms):
- already fixed in 4f6e2ca2 by James Page

Openvswitch (just add example to default config):
- the debdiff of #6 should have gone to Xenial
- since we now have yakkety I'll add another debdiff for yakkety
- Debian needs to get a recent Openvswitch first and the DPDK with the patch before we can push
- given that:
  - upstream hasn't decided on a solution yet
  - it is only the example that we wanted to be extended
  - it is covered in
  => I think we can drop this for now.