Comment 10 for bug 1546565

Xenial is released, so we are back in SRU mode.
Therefore I add the matching SRU Template for the upload of 2.2.0ubuntu8 which is in the unapproved queue atm.


 * Openvswitch-DPDK not usable without unacceptable workarounds
 * This provides a stable way to get it set up which will be picked up by our packaged openvswitch
 * We also drive a long term solution upstream at ovs/dpdk to drop the delta somewhen in the future

[Test Case]

 * Creating vhost_user sockets with ovs-dpdk always ends up as root:root

[Regression Potential]

 * no change when the dpdk EAL parameters are not set, so low regression potential
 * passed ADT tests on i368/amd64/amd64-lowmem and our full CI (