Comment 14 for bug 1323274

Hey David,

David Henningsson [2014-05-27 6:42 -0000]:
> Not exactly sure what this means, is this related to the relatively
> new daemon functionality of alsactl? So far we have avoided
> starting that daemon by default because (by my judgement) the
> overhead of having yet another daemon everywhere weighs heavier than
> the minimal functionality it provides in very few configurations.

Sorry, this probably was confusing to everyone except Dimitri and me.
The goal here is merely to make Ubuntu compatible to insserv. In
particular, any declared LSB dependency in our init.d scripts actually
needs to exist. But we don't want to change actual behaviour, i. e. in
this case we will put back the alsa-utils init.d script for insserv to
be able to compute dependencies, but we'll also add an alsa-utils
upstart job which is a no-op (similar to the systemd alsa-utils unit
which is also just a /dev/null).